New York City based Professional Photographer


Welcome to Mister GZ Photography

George Zervoudis is an accomplished and published New York City Photographer. Born and raised in the city that never sleeps, he molded his passion and skill for photography using the best of what the city had to offer him.

George focuses primarily on Wedding and Event photography, using his eye to find the small touches that many others would miss. In this field, he strives to create beautiful storylines that leave you feeling as if you've relived the entire event through his photos.

Armed with a camera in hand and a smile on his face, George will go above and beyond to give his clients the quality they want and deserve. 


Calvin Klein, The Smithsonian, Refinery29, POLITICO, Kangol, Aquavit, Ralph Lauren,

Complex, The Wine Enthusiast, Kate Spade, Fig & Olive, InviteManager, Saks 5th Ave.