New York City based Professional Photographer


Strolling through the hood

Everyone who knows me well, knows that Queens is in my blood. There's something about this place that is so authentic to me. It doesn't pretend to be anything but what it is. You take it at face value. It doesn't need fancy art installations like Brooklyn, or the fashion shows of SoHo, it just is.

That's what I love about Queens. You just walk through, take it in, immerse yourself in the culture all around you, and experience. You don't see people stopping to take selfies of all the "cool hip spots", everyone's just doing their own thing. 

A big part of what this borough was all about was graffiti. In the 80s and 90s you couldn't go a 2 blocks without seeing some burners or up and coming artist throwing up their tags to gain some notoriety.

Before Brooklyn became the mecca for street art, Queens was where it was at. It was deep in its roots. Tags up everywhere, murals showcasing serious spray skills, neighborhood beefs, you name it.

Things have cleaned up since though. Not gonna say it's a bad thing, but when you lose a little grime, you lose a part of realness.

Who knows, maybe it'll all make a resurgence. With 5 pointz out of the picture, somethings gotta take its place. Rise up from the ashes so to speak. Maybe right in someones backyard.