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Wait let me load the next roll!

June 7th 2014 was a great day. Two very special people whom I love dearly vowed to spend their lives together. As you can see, today is their second anniversary and I wanted to something a little different this time around. 

Around the time of the wedding, I acquired some not so new equipment and was dying to give it a test run. I purchased a Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera with all the fixins: lenses, filters, tons of film, you name it!

I thought it would be great and a little personal treat to shoot a few rolls of film. I figured it'd be a nice side gift I could give them when they got back from their honeymoon. 

It was my first time shooting with this behemoth. The action on the camera is amazing. The shutter makes the most satisfying sound when you take photos. The top down view can be a little tricky, but I instantly fell in love with how different it was from shooting other cameras.

Once I got these suckers processed and printed, I was blown away by the vibrancy of the photographs. I was shooting with some ilford color and black & white film. Quality film along with this beast of a camera really produced some phenomenal results.


I will say, trying to stabilize your shot with this camera can be tricky. It's HEAVY! I hadn't picked up a u-grip for it yet since it was the first time using it but man, I really had to plant myself down.

Since I was in the wedding party, I didn't want to be lugging this clunky thing around with me while walking down the isle. So I handed it off to a pro I could count on, my wife. I had to give her the lay of the land real quick, but she's a fast learner and had no issues off the bat.

I managed to snag the newly bride and groom for a quick photo. Look at these two beautiful people. I mean they make it look easy! Of course you can never get Trevor to pay attention at the right moments. 

I was running low on film and realized I hadn't taken a picture with the bride and groom. Had to finish up strong and really nail this last one. I knew it'd be tough but we manged to knock this selfie out of the park. One handing that beefcake of a camera while trying to not shake it and keep it in focus was ROUGH! 

It's one of my favorite photos of the 3 of us and I think it shows how happy I was\am for them very well.

Happy anniversary guys!