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Meet & Greet

Down at Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking district covering a networking event for people in the industry. It's no secret, I shoot here pretty often, so it's important that I always try to find new angles and composition to make it look fresh every time.

Meats, cheeses, cocktails, and quite possibly the largest pan of paella I had ever seen. I'm not gonna lie, it was smelling GREAT in there. They also had a great DJ killing it in there. They were pulling out all stops for the event, and the guests were taking full advantage of it.


After a few refreshments and a little snacking, everyone started to loosen up and started mingling. So I do what I do best and start snapping away.  

At the end of the event they asked all guests to leave a card for a chance to win a free dinner at the restaurant. If you've had the food at Fig & Olive, you know that's not an opportunity to miss!  

That wasn't all, as you were about to head home, they handed out Spanish olive oil that they sell at the restaurant. I was lucky enough to get one as well and really enjoy it with some toasted bread and tomatoes. 

Thanks again Fig & Olive!

George ZervoudisComment