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Let's get MEDIEVAL!

I know the title is incredibly corny but I couldn't help myself. This city is basically a giant fort on a hill and it is absolutely beautiful. One of the things that I loved about Italy was that everything there is a relic. It's been there for hundreds of years. Coming from New York where you're lucky to see things stay the same for five. 

All the buildings are stacked right next to one another with narrow passages that lead through the city. Getting lost is incredibly easy but half the fun. There's so much to see. 

As you can see it rained almost all throughout the trip. We couldn't catch a break. The day had just started and we weren't looking forward to being soaked so early. There was a museum nearby and made an executive decision to head for it.

The rain hadn't let up at this point and had actually gotten a bit more heavy. Our flimsy umbrella was not cut out for it's job so we made our way for the Duomo di Siena. When you walk in, it looks like you just stepped into what seemed like where Beetlejuice would live. 

The rain wasn't going to win. It was time to accept it and just soldier on. We opened out crappy little umbrella and took to the streets, popping into boutiques selling this or that. Stopping into a restaurant here and there to grab a glass of wine.


The day had escaped us and we decided to settle down and have dinner in the piazza while watching the sunset. As the sun went over the city, it shined right on the Palazzo Pubblico. It was a magnificent sight to seal up the end of our trip.

Thank you for a life changing trip Italy.