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Chiiiii City

Headed out to The Windy City for a wedding and you better believe I brought my camera with me! I've never been to Chicago before but I've head so many great things. I also heard some things about their pizza, and I love pizza. A lot.

In typical fashion, it usually rains when I travel. I should probably start taking trips to California. I might be able to help with the drought. 

I'm used to it by now, just gotta keep my head up and take in the sights as much as possible. Walking around Grant Park you encounter art piece after art piece. It's always a nice surprise to see a city invested in the arts. 

It's got a great industrial look to it. The elevated trains certainly help with that aspect and being a Queens native, it made me feel right at home. Although my hopes is that it's nowhere as awful as the 7 train. 

Finally the rain let up! It's not easy holding an umbrella and a camera. It's actually a production. Any time you hear about Chicago, you hear 2 things: deep dish pizza and architecture. They have got some really fascinating buildings ranging from art deco to modern to gothic, you name it! 


Unfortunately, I didn't have much time to explore, but it was definitely enough for me to know that I'd love to visit again. I also did something really dumb, totally forgot to take pictures of my delicious deep dish pizza from Lou Malnati's which is a staple out there.

Don't worry, next time, I won't let that happen.

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