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Make way for the Queen!

Every once in a while Refinery 29 will hire me for one of their movie premier events in the city. This time around, it was for the release of the film Queen of Katwe. A film about the struggles of a little girl in Uganda who begins a voyage through learning chess and becoming a top player.

The event was at the Loews movie theater in Lincoln center which has this really cool colorful cinematic film strip running down the ceiling of it's escalators.

The girls began taking the guests information, logging them in, and sending them into the theater. There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm about the movie. 

Down and down everyone went. The theater goes deeper than you think! It was about 3 floors downward to get to the premier. Once there though, snacks and drinks were ready.

With popcorn in hand and drink at the ready, people started heading into the auditorium to lock down some good seats. It was playing in 2 locations with about 200 seats in each and it was JAM PACKED!

I was limited to the amount of photos I could take in the theater since the movie was about to start but managed to get some as everyone settled in. And now, time to enjoy the show!

When the film was over, there were signature cocktails setup, passed hor dourves, and Refinery 29's classic photo booth setup.

The guests had a good time, they loved the movie, and the event was a hit. I was glad to be a part of the production and had some snacks as well, so George was a happy camper.

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