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Andiamo a Firezne!

My wife was particularly happy to be back in Florence, her old stomping grounds. She wanted me to experience it like she did. Unfortunately, we weren't staying 6 months, but man I wish we were.

The day was a constant battle of torrential downpours and sunny skies. We tried to not let us bother it and press on. So much to see and only so much time.


First stop, you guessed it, another Duomo. I know I know, but this is supposedly THE DUOMO. And it was. This place was MASSSSSSIVE! Oh and don't even get started with the architecture and artwork. I was trying to wrap my head around how much it must have cost to create something as magnificent as this.

They allow you to walk to the very top of the Duomo but it certainly isn't for the faint of heart. I know my mother would not be a fan at all, she isn't too keen on heights. Not to mention there are about 3000 steps to make it to the top. I know that might sound like a lot, but to see Florence like this, was worth every single step

We carefully made our way down and met a bit of traffic while a large tour came through. It gets a bit tight in there. On the way back you get up close and personal with Giorgio Vasari's Last Judgement.

Making our way through this city that was built almost two millenniums ago. You're literally walking through art at that point. The city is littered with statues and fountains. Rain finally prevailed over sunshine and we were soaked. 

We stopped by into a nearby shop and it turned out to be a record store. I started talking to the owner and he was a huge fan of American 80s music. I asked him if he had any Talking Heads around, he looked at me like "Are you kidding me!?", except the much more Italian version of that.

Walking through the store, doing my own test of how great this guy's collection really is, and I start hearing Burning Down the House. He's playing the Speaking in Tongues album, nice. I'd say he's passed the test with flying colors. We chat some more and he gave us some recommendations for some great food and wine not too far off. Who were we to say no to that?

Uhmmmm.... HE DIDN'T MENTION FOOSBALL THOUGH! We stuffed our faces and drowned it all down with some phenomenal wine. Then went to town on this foosball table. We would have been content to stay in Firenze the whole time, but it was time to move on to the next leg of the trip, Sienna.

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