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Bienvenido a Miami

So back in December/January I spent about a month out in Miami, Florida working on a project. On my off time during the project and interviews, I took full advantage of the amazing weather and explored all over the Miami-Dade area.

My home base was my grandparent's place in Little Havana. Here's a photo I took of them standing next to portraits they had done when they were two young crazy kids in love. 

Florida is probably one of the better places to be if you're a cyclist. I knew I'd have a lot of downtime while interviewing people so I brought down my bike with me and would hit the road for hours.

They've got some really great trails out here, and I barely even got to really dig deep. I decided to go for a ride down to Key Biscane and check out the lighthouse at Bill Baggs Cape. It was a nice 10 mile ride give or take with a few detours I made.


It was definitely worth the ride. I'd say my only complain would be the line to get into the lighthouse, but even that wasn't that bad. Maybe 15-20 minutes. I found a nice spot, locked up my bike, and got on line. I noticed other people just leaving their bikes unattended, but the New Yorker in me just can't break old habits. 


Up and around and around and around. It was a pretty tight squeeze in there and I'm by no means a small man. I finally managed to get to the top, waiting for my turn, and letting people carefully snake their way down. The view was stunning. Especially with all the colorful umbrellas along the beach. I let loose with my camera and bursted out a few 100 photos.


Decided to keep on heading up and check out the actual light of the lighthouse. I only stayed a few minutes because, as you can imagine, standing in an all glass room in 90º weather can get reallllllllllllllllllllly hot.

Made my way back towards home at a nice leisurely pace. The sun was setting and it was a nice cool 80º so I was in no rush. Who would be? Look at that sunset.

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